The Lara Series

Here are the book titles in
the Lara McClintoch Series.

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Book Title Location Book Cover
The Xibalba Murders Mexico The-Xibalba-Murders
The Maltese Goddess Malta The-Maltese-Goddess
The Moche Warrior Peru The-Moche-Warrior
The Celtic Riddle Ireland The-Celtic-Riddle
The African Quest North Africa The-African-Quest
The Etruscan Chimera Italy The-Etruscan-Chimera
The Thai Amulet Thailand The-Thai-Amulet
The Magyar Venus Hungary / Budapest The-Magyar-Venus
The Moai Murders Easter Island The-Moai-Murders
The Orkney Scroll Scotland The-Orkney-Scroll
The Chinese Alchemist China The-Chinese-Alchemist
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